About Top Notch Country Gates

The Maker

Top Notch Country Gates owner and founder David Brassell has been in the building industry for more than 35 years. David started off in the home building sector as a carpenter and progressed to Commercial Building in a management position. During this time he was exposed to a wide range of design types and technical issues. This work was challenging but as with most carpenters David’s passion was to work with timber.

After making an Entry Gate for his property in Kurrajong and receiving high praise for the work and noticing the difference it made to the property over all, David saw the opportunity to work with timber and make something of beauty that will bring others joy.


At Top Notch Country Gates we add metal to our designs to enhance the strength and beauty of our Gates and Doors. The combination of these two materials works well together to increase strength and to add a contemporary or traditional look. We use powder coated or galvanized metal so that the metal matches the timber durability and withstands being exposed to continuous weather without deterioration of finish.


We can provide automation solutions for our gates with either a solar or 240volt system. With a solar system it removes the need for costly electrical work and ongoing costs.

The Materials

At Top Notch Country Gates we only use timber species that are suitable for External use. These timbers have Durability class 2 or above when exposed to weather but protected from termites (AS 5604), meaning their probable life expectancy will be between 15-40 years unprotected out in the weather, many of the Timbers used are class 1 which extends to 40years plus. This means timbers can be left in their natural state with no oil or paint protection and they will remain in good condition for years.

There is nothing quite like timber. It is beautiful, warm and interesting. It adds character and is durable for Australian conditions. Timber has been used for thousands of years, it is a sustainable resource and will be used well into the future.

Some of the timbers we recommend are Australian Blackbutt, Western Australian Karri, Cypress Pine and Western Red Cedar. These timbers can be selected for colour or design requirements.


We have designed and developed a Timber Look Aluminium Gate. This gate is basically maintenance free, only needing a wash down to remove the dust.

Here at Top Notch we are continually on the lookout for new and exciting materials and design ideas and after research and design testing we add them to our range of gates and doors.

Property Name or Artwork

To further enhance and personalize your gate, we can supply a property name plate or artwork. These can be fully integrated into the design of your gate. The artwork is made from metal and can be supplied in a number of finishes.


We use and recommend penertrating oils to enhance the timbers natural beauty. It provides additional protection, adding to the life of the gate. Oils are extremely easy to apply and a gate can be coated in under an hour, once a year, to maintain that warm timber look. Powder coated or galvanized metal surfaces are not damaged by this oil, if anything the oil helps protect them as well and can be wiped off with a soft cloth.

Painted gates can be coated with any leading brand of acrylic paints and with modern acrylic paints, the finish can last for years before needing to be recoated.


All of our gates are supplied ready to hang, with hinges fitted, latch, Gudgeon and pintle.